Designing for Period Product Accessibility

For the past month in studio, I have been running some experiments to explore the question "Why do we think period products are less essential than toilet paper?" Here's a video I put together about the whole experience. 

As a result of project this, there are two things I want to pursue:

1. Creating an overtly feminist system for distributing menstrual products that is modern/accessible and offers choice/transparency about what you're putting into your body. Use this product to drive a conversation about institutional responsibility to make period products available.  

2. Create a menstruation story-telling outlet. While reading your stories, I just kept thinking "omg, these have to see the light of day." So I'm going to launch a blog! I plan to work with the lovely Hannah Chung (check out her #sketchaday @_hchung on instagram) to add some visuals to your amazing tales. I'm working on the branding/strategy right now, but I hope to get it kicked off in about a month. Look out for a follow up emails asking permission to share your story and launching the site!

Stay Tuned!