The Bronto-our-aus

2017F.Prototpying Form.Brontopouraus.Smiley_Katie.jpg

brand selection

I chose to design for the playful, giftware brand, Fred and Friends. Then I began with a list of solid watering can puns and began sketching design directions. A clear early winner emerged - the Bronto-pour-aus.

My design goals

  • Create a form that reads as both literally a dinosaur and literally a watering can. Do not constrain the anatomy of the dinosaur to fit a watering can and don't constrain the use of the watering can to make it look like a dinosaur.

  • Navigate the uncanny valley of derp; create a form that was neither too realistic nor too cartoonish.


To find the form, I traced dinosaurs on top of standard watering can shapes. I made cardboard models to understand how it occupied space, then iterated it into final orthographic drawings. Then I used those drawings to shape it out of foam. The final foam model was finished with spackle and paint.