Patient Experience Lab at BIF

I began interning for the Business Innovation Factory in Providence, RI during summer the summer of 2016. I was excited by their mission to transform social systems including education, health care, and government by imagining, prototyping, and testing new ways of doing business. I chose to continue working with them during the school years, contributing to impactful work in the health care sector. 

Assessing a family-wellness Centered Business Model


How might we build a business model that focuses on keeping people healthy? 

Children’s Health contracted the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) to help it understand how families in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex experience health, health care, and community life generally. This formed a foundational understanding of the job that families need done, which rested on three principles:


1. Focus on the family rather than the individual

2. Improve family well-being as a vehicle for improving health outcomes

3. Marry efforts to address clinical care and the social determinants of health.



My internship began during the final phase of this multi-year project. BIF had already conducted formative research, participatory design workshops, and piloted a new business model. I used my background in evaluation to asses how the model was working with families. I created a family-friendly survey to assess individual and family well-being on 7 levels: resourcefulness, personal power, supporting relationships, connected knowledge, self-awareness, optimizing body and mind, and readiness to change.

I then analyzed survey results and compiled them into a unique visual report, so families could view and track their progress in the program.